It's time to ditch self doubt, imposter syndrome and fear...

For Good.

My Story

I’m a confidence and communication skills coach. I’ll help you learn to speak up with composure and confidence so you can get the opportunities you deserve.

Are you tired of anxiety and fear holding you back? So was I. I learned how to transform my fear into fuel. I’ll show you how you can too.

I'm Chelsey Rives.

"I've found a new sense of confidence in my abilities to go further than I imagined."

"Working with Chelsey has changed the way I approach meetings, presentations and overall communication for the better. Her coaching enabled me to understand the physical process of having anxiety, which empowered me to approach speaking differently. After my sessions with Chelsey, I was able to confidently present a go-to-market presentation for top level executives and capture my budget goal. I've found a new sense of confidence in my abilities to go further than I imagined."

— Britney,  Marketing Manager

Self confidence is a GAME CHANGER.

The secret is that communication and confidence are skill sets you can learn, even if you're an introvert. I'll lead you through it step-by-step so you can get the opportunities you DESERVE.

  • Freeze up when  it's your turn to speak  at meetings?
  • Terrified to give presentations because you think you are boring, or you will forget what you have to say?
  • Hide behind technology because face-to-face interactions just feel like too much?


"I have recommended Chelsey to everyone I know."

“Chelsey listened to my struggles and helped me overcome my insecurities to become my most confident self. Her techniques are unique and more helpful than any kind of therapy. I have recommended Chelsey to everyone I know. I truly believe in what she does because it transformed the way I hear and present myself. She gave me tools I continue to use outside of our sessions, which always come in handy before a big presentation or interview. She has been a godsend to my career and self.”

—  Madison, Architectural Designer

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